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Learning About Domestic And International Shipping

Shipping Items Domestically or Internationally? Freight Brokerage Firms Can Help

by Grace Rhodes

Shipping items, whether it's across town or to a foreign shore, can be a complicated business.  Not only do you have to ship wisely to avoid damage and comply with shipping regulations, you also want to stay within your shipping budget. That's where freight brokerage firms come in. Using a process called package optimization, these shipping professionals take the logistics burden and much of the stress off of your shoulders. Then you can concentrate on keeping your firm more productive and getting that next order ready for transport.

Below you'll find a brief explanation of package optimization and sample shipping scenarios for both domestic and international destinations.

Freight Brokerage Firms and Package Optimization

Package optimization is the art of getting your shipped goods to your destination efficiently and economically. The type of container used depends on both the type of product you are shipping and what type of transport you're using. Package optimization done correctly may also be environmentally friendly.

Air transportation tends to be faster, but can be expensive. It can also be impractical if your shipment is large or heavy. A plane can carry only so much weight, even if it is a freight carrier. Your broker will advise you on the preferred method of shipment.

Domestic or International Shipping

Domestic Shipping

If your shipment destination is within the continental United States, getting the product packed properly and shipped out using ground transportation is usually what you have to worry about. Shipments to Hawaii or Puerto Rico are a bit more complicated because your items will go by air or sea. In either case they often are transported to the airport or shipping dock by truck or train.

Items going by sea are often packed in rectangular shipping containers that may be lifted off the truck or train and transported directly on to a container ship. Air cargo containers tend to be smaller and are shaped to fit the shipping compartments of various aircraft.

Shipments to Alaska could either mean transport by ship, truck or train, or a combination of methods. Freight brokerage firms can make the transport into and then out of Canada go more smoothly. Custom agents tend to be familiar with the well known freight firms. As long as the cargo manifest is up to date and it clearly states you are headed to Alaska, your items should cross the border easily.  

International Shipping

Shipping to another country usually means more paperwork. Using Canada as an example, if your destination is within that country your trip through customs may take a little longer because of more intensive inspection of your cargo.  Again, your freight brokerage can make this easier. They'll also take care of specialty shipment methods for parts of Canada that are more difficult to get to.

For example, if your customer is on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, your goods have to come by ferry or air. If your destination is Churchill, Manitoba, on the edge of Hudson Bay, your items must come by rail or air. There are no roads this far north in Manitoba. This may seem like an unusual destination, but energy firms and scientific researchers often head to remote parts of Canada in pursuit of their interests. These outposts rely on shipments from the "outside world."

If your shipment is destined for another continent, then your items will often go by ship. Shipping brokerage firms usually have counterparts or partners at various shipping ports that deal with the customs documentation and clearance. The onsite partners also can arrange storage for your goods if it's not possible to deliver them to your customer on arrival.

In the global shipping world, the rules tend to change more frequently than for most domestic destinations. It helps to have a friendly contact to keep you updated and your cargo moving, no matter where your customers are. To learn more, contact companies like First Star Logistics.